Maa Oori Polimera 2 Movie Poster Released!


Polimera 2

Maa Oori Polimera 2: 'Maa Oori Polimera' directed by Dr. Anil Vishwanath. The movie released in 2021 as an OTT platform got a good response. Now the sequel of this movie 'Ma Uri Polimera 2' is ready for release. 

Produced by Gauri Krishna under the banner of Gauri Krishna Creations, presented by Gauri Ganababu, and produced by Gauri Krishna, Part 1 was released directly on popular OTT company Disney Plus Hot Star in December 2021. This movie, which came as a suspense thriller with a different screenplay, entertained the audience at that time. The makers have recently released the first look poster of the film.

The first look poster of 'Polimera 2', which has recently completed its post-production work, is going viral on social media. In this poster, a man is bleeding on his neck, raising his two hands, and holding a stick. He sat naked in the middle of the fire, turned over (showing his back). This thrilling poster, which is interesting throughout, is getting a tremendous response.

It seems that 'Ma Uri Polimera 2', which is coming as a sequel to Part 1, will also release soon. On this occasion, the makers hope that Part 2 will be as popular as Part 1. Film producer Gauri Krishna said on this occasion that the entire movie team completed this film like a family. He said that the director Anil has directed this movie brilliantly. He thanked the actors who acted in this movie.

Director Anil said that 'Ma Uri Polimera Part 1' was well received by everyone and now they have released the first look poster of this movie announcing that there is a sequel 'Ma Uri Polimera Part 2'. It has been announced that the release date of this movie will be announced soon. Meanwhile, everyone related to the movie along with the movie makers has faith in this movie. We have to wait and see if it will entertain the fans like part 1 or get a different response.

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