Dayaa 2023 Disney Plus Hotstar Web Series Review


Dayaa Web Series: Review

Rating: 3.5/5

Cinematography: Vivek Kalepu

Music by: Shravan Bharadwaj

Producers : Srikanth Mohta, Mahendra Soni

Written and Directed by: Pawan Sadhineni

Release Date: August 4, 2023

OTT Platform: Disney Plus Hot Star

Dayaa Web Series starring JD Chakravarthy as the protagonist. With this, he is getting introduced to OTT. Directed by Pawan Sadhineni. This is a Telugu series. Also translated into Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, and Bengali languages. Disney Plus Hot Star is streaming on OTT. How is this series (Daya Web Series Review) starring Esha Rebba, Ramya Nambisan, Vishnupriya, and others? How did the Jedi Emperor do it? How did you get Pawan Sadhine?

Dayaa Web Series Story

Daya (JD Chakraborty) is a freezer van driver who transports fish. His wife Alivelu (Esha Rebba) is heavily pregnant. Daya, who went to work one day, gets stuck in a big accident. Suddenly a dead body is found in his cart. 

Whose is it? How did the body get into the cart? Why did the famous journalist Kavitha (Ramya Nambisan) come to Kakinada port from Hyderabad after canceling the interview with the Chief Minister? Why did the local MLA Penmatsa meet Parasurama Raju (Bablu Prithviraj)? What is the reason behind her husband Kaushik (Kamal Kamaraju) complaining that Kavita is missing? Daya, Kavitha, Parasurama Raju... Although the three paths are different, how fate brought them together? What is the role of Shabana (Vishnupriya) in this story? - To know the answers to all these questions, watch the web series 'Dayaa'.

Dayaa Web Series Analysis

The beginning of the river flow looks like a small cascade and a waterfall. What is the depth of Ponu Ponu? How far did it go? It is known. This web series 'Daya' is the same! The way the story starts is very short. The depth of Koladi's story that goes on is known to the viewer.

JD Chakraborty was introduced in the role of a simple driver. After that, if he meets with an accident... 'Oh, how will he get out?' As natural as it seems, director Pawan Sadhineni started the series. He didn't take much time to get into the story. 'Josh' Ravi's introduction seems unnecessary to the story. 

Ramya Nambisan and Kamal Kamaraju's family episodes are not new. Also, the manner of news channels! Recently those topics have become common in many series. However, this story is perfectly set up. After a murder, it is natural to be suspicious of some people. The relationship between Ramya Nambisan and Kamal Kamaraj was very useful for that.

'Daya' is one of the Telugu web series that just tells the story without going into side paths for heroism or for creating interest in the audience. The twists and the way they were portrayed created more interest in the second season.

Director Pawan Sadhineni has shot the scenes in great detail without leaving out even the smallest details. The first four episodes are interesting. From the fifth episode, the format of the series has changed. Twists & Freezer Van Fight add more curiosity to the story. But the murder scene made me cry. The music and cinematography are very good. They elevated the mood of the story. The production values are good.

Dayaa Web Series Actors Performance

Jedi Emperor has a great actor. He came out once again with 'Daya'. Like building a wall and grafting a rose plant, they have adapted to the role very methodically. He also showed the 'truth' of his performance. JD's performance has taken many scenes in 'Daya' to another level. The fight scene near the freezer van is superb. Acted very settled after beating each one. That moment... the character transformation is shocking. In the earlier scenes, we are believed to be innocent and fearful.

The scope of Esha Rebba's role is limited. Even if only a few scenes are seen on the screen... the audience will remember it. The first reason is the character twist... the second is her performance as a pregnant woman! Ramya Nambisan has acted well in the role of a journalist. Kamal Kamaraju as her husband! Vishnu played Priya Bheemaneni in a role different from her image on the small screen.

Kalpika Ganesh appeared in some scenes. 'Josh' Ravi got a big character after many days. He did justice to his role. Nanda Gopal as a speechless person brings the required seriousness to the scenes. Prithviraj played the perverted character perfectly. Gayatri Gupta is seen in a pivotal role in the story.

Finally...: A classy mass series 'Daya'. The story has guts. Characterizations include heroism. Soon after the start of the series, Pawan Sadhine was taken into the world of 'Daya'. What happens next? The curiosity was maintained till the end. Last but not least... JD Chakraborty has acted brilliantly. The Jedi are back!