MY3 Telugu Web Series Streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar Review


MY3 Web Series Review

Rating: 1.5/5

Starring: Hansika Motwani, Mugen Rao, Shantanu Bharadwaj, Janani Iyer, Anish Kuruvilla, Subbu Panchu Arunachalam, VJ Parvathy etc.

Cinematography: Karthik Muthu Kumar

Music by: Ganesan

Construction: Trend Loud

Directed by: M Rajesh

Release Date: September 15, 2023

OTT Platform: Disney Plus Hot Star

Episodes: 9

Hansika Motwani has acted in more than 50 films as a heroine in Telugu and Tamil languages. Now she is introduced to OTT with the 'MY3 Web Series'. Released on Disney Plus Hotstar. Filmed in Tamil, 'MY 3' was translated into Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi and Bengali languages.

MY3 Web Series Story

Aditya Chandrasekhar (Mugen Rao) has property worth thousands of crores. However, he did not get along with everyone. There is a human allergy. If you meet someone, you will get rashes. He grew up alone as his parents died in his childhood. The MY3 robot made by Ilyas (Shantanu Bhagyaraj) catches Aditya's eye. The robot agrees to stay with him at home for three months. The robot crashes before delivering it to Aditya. Ilyas designs a robot in the shape of his ex-lover Maitri (Hansika). With no other option, nothing to do... Maitri goes to Aditya and convinces him to act like a robot in the house.

Aditya falls in love with Maithri, who is acting as a MY3 robot. He says that he wants the robot to be with him for the rest of his life and will pay any amount of money for it. What did Elias do then? What is the alliance feeling? When did Aditya know that MY3 is not a robot but Maitri? What happened after that? It should be seen on the digital screen.

MY3 Web Series Analysis

Whoever wrote the Telugu dialogues of 'MY3' should be appreciated. As the series ends in three minutes, a dialogue says 'This is a joke from the 1990s'. The original version does not have that dialogue either in Tamil or in Hindi & Kannada languages. It seems that some Telugu writer has satirized the series by taking space. Until then, writing dialogues for outdated scenes got him bored too!? That's why the satire was made!? 'My 3' is a series that really should come from the 1990s! I mean... The scenes were stretched so much.

Even small children assume that one day Aditya will surely know the truth when Maithri replaces the 'MY3' robot. If Hansika goes in the second episode as a robot... Mugen Rao won't know until the ninth episode. The series has been extended. Screenplay in serials is also fast-paced. Do you know that Hansika is not a robot, but a human being!? Can you find it? The director made the series without creating suspense even in a single scene. This is a series that does not give any thrill! No need to say more about jokes. There are very few scenes that make the Telugu audience laugh.

'MY 3' does not seem new to the audience who watch Korean dramas. This is the official Indian adaptation of 'I Am Not a Robot'. There are a few things in 'My 3' that will impress the audience who have not seen the Korean series. The shades of 'Robo' taken by Shankar as the hero of superstar Rajinikanth are visible. Comedy and romance did not work out in 'MY 3'. Soso is also in terms of technical aspects. In terms of concept, 'MY 3' is okay. But neither the way the story is carried forward nor the comedy is interesting at all.

There is good scope for entertainment and emotional scenes in 'MY 3'. From the boy's situation when the ex-lover gets close to someone else, to the scenes where the hero gets close to the heroine, nothing is connected. Every scene is awesome.

MY3 Web Series Actors Performance

Hansika played a dual role. A perfect appt as a robot! He really looks like a doll in many scenes. If you look at the scenes where she acted as a normal girl... At the beginning of her career, there was still no big difference. The same routine expressions are given. There is nothing new. Hansika was impressed only by the emotional scenes in the last two episodes.

Mugen Rao who played the hero is fine. But... his pairing with Hansika was not set. Due to the lack of chemistry between the two, there was no feeling in some scenes. The scenes between Anish Kuruvilla and his son test patience. Shantanu Bhagyaraj and Janani Iyer's acting is okay. The jokes written by both Ram and Shyam did not really make people laugh.

Finally, there is no comedy in 'My 3'. There are no cute, romantic & lovely moments. It's a romantic comedy so don't expect thrills. Since it is OTT, it is difficult even if you try to move forward and watch with your hand on the forward button. 'My 3' is for some emotional scenes.