Scam 2003 - The Telgi Story


Scam 2003: The Telgi Story Web Series Review

Cast- Gagan Dev Riyar, Sana Amin Shaikh

Directors – Tushar Hiranandani and Hansal Mehta

OTT Platform – Sony Liv

Episodes - 5

Scam 2003... Some time ago 'Scam 1992' was released on the OTT platform. This web series based on the Harshad Mehta scam shook the OTT world. Now 'Scam 2003' has come. This web series based on the scam that took place in the year 2003 is being streamed on Sony Liv. 

Like 'Scam 1992', 'Scam 2003' also shows the story of the common man rising from humble beginnings. Let us know the good and bad things about this web series. At the end of the review, we will also tell you whether it could compete with 'Scam 1992' or not. Read our review.

Scam 2003 Web Series Story:

This entire story revolves around Abdul Karim (Gagan Dev Riyar). Abdul Karim is not fond of earning money but of making money. But luck does not favor him. Even after doing B Com, he works as a fruit seller on the train by reciting various slogans. However, his luck shines when he is noticed by a businessman traveling on a train. 

Then Seth gives him an excuse to come to Mumbai and his fate takes him from Mumbai to Dubai. To make money, he starts a business of sending youth to Dubai on fake documents and gets caught. But his steps do not stop here, to earn money he does daring after daring without any fear and then….

Scam 2003 Web Series Analysis:

This web series is based on Sanjay Singh's book 'Telgi Scam: Reporter's Diary'. The most special thing about this series is its music. The makers have kept the title music used in 'Scam 1992' in this series. The story comes to life because of this title music. Harshad Mehta comes to my mind as soon as I listen to the title song and I feel like watching the further story of Telgi. 

Whereas the acting of Gagan Dev Riyar as Abdul Karim works as icing on the cake. His look, his expressions and his way of speaking all seem perfect. After seeing his acting, it can be said with certainty that like Harshad Mehta as Prateek Gandhi, his demand may also increase in the future. Apart from acting and music, the dialogues of the series are also amazing.

Despite good acting, music and dialogue, 'Scam 2003' could not leave the same impression as 'Scam 1992'. Actually, the story of the web series did not seem strong. Expectations for this web series had increased due to it being the sequel to 'Scam 1992'. 

Everyone was expecting the same crime-thriller drama from 'Scam 2003'. But the thrill is missing from 'Scam 2003'. Due to the lack of thrill, the story started looking boring in some places. Actually, there are only five episodes of the series. But, even these five episodes started feeling long. These could have been made a little more fun.

Watch or not?:

Gagan Dev's acting is amazing. But, due to the boring story, the makers failed to create the Harshad Mehta-like charm of Telgi. However, this series can be watched once. This weekend can be spent with 'Scam 2003' starring Gagan Dev, the rising star of the OTT platform.