Mad Movie Review

Rating: 2.75/5

Actors: Narne Nithin, Sangeet Shobhan, Ram Nithin, Sri Gauri Priya Reddy, Anantika Sanil Kumar, Gopika Udyan, Raghubabu, 'Racha' Ravi, Muralidhar Goud, Vishnu, Anthony, Srikanth Reddy, Anudeep KV and others.

Cinematography: Shamdut Sainuddin, Dinesh Krishnan b

Music: Bheems Cicerolio

Dedicated to: Suryadevara Nagavamsi

Producers: Harika Suryadevara, Sai Saujanya

Written and directed by: Kalyan Shankar

Release Date: October 6, 2023

Man of Masses, Young Tiger NTR's brother-in-law Narne Nithin (Narne Nithin) was introduced in the movie 'Mad' (Mad Telugu Movie). Ram Nithin and Sangeet Shobhan are two other heroes in this. Producer Nagavamshi says it will make you laugh more than 'Jati Ratnalu'. The promotional images seem to capture a college comedy. And how was the movie?

Mad Movie Story

Ashok (Narne Nitin), Manoj (Ram Nitin), and Damodar (Sangeet Shobhan) joined an engineering college. They become three friends. Ashok speaks less. A bit of an introvert type! He likes Jenny (Anantika Sanil Kumar). And, to him? Manoj flirts with girls. One such boy falls in love with Shruti (Sri Gauri Priya Reddy). Why did that girl get away from him? Is it close again? Or? An unknown girl writes a letter to Damodar who is strongly convinced that girls do not like him. She talks on the phone every day. Who is she What is the role of Radha (Gopika Udayan) in this story?

Manoj, Ashok, Damodar... all three are a group! Its name is Mad (MAD)! Leaving their love stories aside... How did the seniors raging them in college? What's the deal with JC College? What did they do when they became seniors? It should be seen on the silver screen.

Mad Movie Analysis

From 'Happy Days' to Kannada dubbing 'Hostel Days', there have been many comedy entertainers in the college setting. No matter how many movies come out... the reason for getting an audience is the fun and freshness in those stories! Especially the comedy in those movies!

Coming to the movie 'Mad'... The situational comedy has worked out strongly. In the scene before the climax, someone is beaten 'asking for logic'. Logics should not be asked in such films. Just enjoy the comedy!

Coming to 'Mad'... The punchy dialogue from start to end exploded. Comedy is given more importance than story. Kalyan Shankar and the team have succeeded in designing characterization and typical mannerisms for the heroes as well as other characters. It could be the heroine slapping the hero... 'Taxiwala' could be the characters of Vishnu and Antony... They followed a theme in every aspect. First off is so fun. Boys go to girls' hostels after the interval, who is Sangeet Shobhan's girlfriend? Who made phone calls to him? It's revealing but laughable.

There isn't much to talk about in terms of the story in 'Mad'. He went straight from the first year to the fourth year. In '3 Idiots', they made small satires as if they had done the same. Emotions are not worked out as much as comedy is worked out in the story. Of course... They were not even given much importance. Bheem's Cicerolio's songs and background music accompany the story. The cinematography is good. Construction values are not compromised.

MAD Movie Actors Performance

Even though it was the first film as a hero... Narne Nithin did well. His cutout and style are good in action scenes. Compared to the other two heroes... He did fewer comedy scenes.

Ram Nithin will be one of the handsome young heroes. His screen presence is very good. A perfect fit for lover-boy roles! Another hero Sangeet Shobhan's comedy timing is extraordinary. His acting and dialogue delivery made some scenes even more laughable. In the middle of comedy scenes, the role of the heroines is less. However...among the three, Gauri Priya Reddy registers the most.

Vishnu, the taxi driver who appeared as a friend along with the heroes... laughed. Muralidhar Goud in his father's role also brings laughs. Raghubabu played the role of the principal and 'Racha' Ravi played the role of the office boy. Anudeep, the director of 'Jati Ratnalu', shined in a scene.

In conclusion: Comedy... Comedy... Comedy... 'Mad' is a film that aims to make the audience laugh from start to end. One can go for a good two hours of laughter.