Mansion 24


Mansion 24 Web Series Review

Rating: 3/5

Cast: Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Sathyaraj, Rao Ramesh, Sriman, Avika Gor, Manas Nagulapalli, Rajeev Kanakala, Abhinaya, Nandu, Bindu Madhavi, Tulsi, Archana Jois, Amardeep Chaudhary, 'Baahubali' (Kalakeya) Prabhakar, Jayaprakash, Surya, Electricity etc.

Lyrics: Mayukh Aditya

Cinematography: B. Rajasekhar

Music by: Vikas Badisa

Producers: Omkar, Ashwin Babu, Kalyan Chakraborty

Creator, Director: Omkar

Release Date: October 17, 2023

OTT Platform: Disney Plus Hotstar

Episodes: 6

Making horror movies is an art. Very few directors in India have mastered it. Especially Raghava Lawrence with the 'Kanchana' franchise in Tamil and Omkar with the 'Rajugari Gadhi' franchise in Telugu. The audience was entertained with fear. 

Omkar, who has achieved success on the silver screen with horror films, has now stepped into OTT with the 'Mansion 24' web series. Disney Plus is streaming on Hotstar. Apart from Telugu, it is available in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali and Marathi languages. How is this series?

Mansion 24 Web Series Story

Amrita (Varalakshmi Sarathkumar) is an investigative journalist. Her father Kalidas (Satyaraj) is an archaeologist. News comes that he ran away with valuable treasures found in archaeological excavations. Society labels Kalidasa as a traitor. Amrita wants to prove that her father is not a traitor but honest. 

After starting an investigation about her father, she found out that he had gone to a mansion on the hill north of the town. If the matter is told to the police... They will say that none of the people who went into the mansion came back and they no longer need to look for Kalidasa. Amrita goes to the mansion. What did the watchman (Rao Ramesh) tell her?

Author Chaturvedi (Shriman) in room number 504 in the mansion, Swapna (Avika Gor) in 203, 605 (Rajiv Kanakala) - Radha (Abhinaya) couple, 409 (Archana Jose), Lily (Nandu) in 307 - Sultana Begum (Bindu Madhavi), what are the stories?? Did the spirits come to Amrita's house as they were coming and going near the mansion every day? What happened in room number 24 in the mansion? What happened to Amrita who stepped into the mansion to find out the secret? What finally happened? It should be known by watching the series.

Mansion 24 Web Series Analysis

Six episodes... Six stories... Different points in each story... However, the common factor in all the stories is fear! In the 'Rajugari Gadhi' franchise movies, Omkar scared the audience and laughed. Those stories also mentioned the topics that happened in society. When it came to 'Mansion 24', comedy was put aside. Answers to the things people fear along with fear.

Onkar has a style of shooting horror scenes. He has a good grip. It was also seen in 'Mansion 24'. However, ... more than a director who makes horror scenes, he was seen as a storyteller. All the six stories in the series are inspired by the happenings in society. Deaths of the Burari family, a young woman who fell in love with a married man and was inspired to kill his wife and children... If you look into each story, you will find inspiration.

Omkar Creation has presented every story anew. Need to be given more time to think about the story. As a director, he took the series forward by keeping the audience interested by telling what he wanted to say in a nutshell. There are no major twists in this one. But they engaged with a simple screenplay. It is interesting to see characters from one story appearing in another story. Hence, the audience is pre-prepared for what is to come next. That way you don't get the feeling of suddenly going from one story to another.

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar and Rao Ramesh's writing of the scenes in the style of dialogue between Vikramarku and Bethaludu made 'Mansion 24' new among the regular horror-thriller series. Dialogues like 'Illusion becomes reality if fear is added' are landed perfectly after each story. Increased impact in the scene. 

If Omkar wants... horror dose can be increased. But he limited it to a certain level. The feeling of missing a punch, strong emotion & elevation in the climax. If they wanted to give a new ending to the stories told till then... they ended it regularly. Freedom was taken there.

The production design in 'Mansion 24' is good. The Nandu-Bindu Madhavi episode and before that Archana Joyce and Avika Gore episodes were successful in showing a new one. The camera work is neat. The scope of songs in horror films is less. One such horror series took space and made many songs. Songs flowed along with the stories. Vikas Badisa's songs and background music stood by Omkar's creation.

Mansion 24 Web Series Actors Performance

Why Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar? It is a question that has been on the minds of the audience since the beginning of the series. From the beginning, she looks like a normal character. Enough with listening to stories. Varalakshmi's image and acting were bad in the flagging scenes. Looking at the ending of 'Mansion 24'... It is understood that her character will be more important in the second season.

Rao Ramesh looked new in one eye. It should be said that the way he explained what happened in the mansion rooms with Varalakshmi is one of the reasons why the audience gets immersed in the story. In the last episode, he showed another shade in his character. Although Sathyaraj and Tulsi appeared on the screen for a very short time... They acted according to the length of their respective roles. Abhinaya was once again impressed with his performance. Rajeev Kanakala, who played her husband, created curiosity about the character.

Avika Gore played the other girl. She also shined as an actress in the screen space she got. Manas Nagulapalli, who became popular with the serial 'Brahmamudi'... appeared as a different character in 'Mansion 24'. He will have a new start in terms of image makeover. Archana Joyce, who played the role of a mother in 'Kjief'... In this 'Mansion 24', as a pregnant woman, she expressed gestures with her eyes as a traditional dancer. Bindu Madhavi is a prostitute. If we say more than this, there is a possibility that her character twist will be revealed.

Ayyappa Sharma's look and voice are perfect for the role! Sriman, 'Baahubali' (Kalakeya) Prabhakar, Jayaprakash, Surya, Vidyullekha, and Amardeep Chaudhary played key roles.