Adikeshava 2023 Telugu Movie Theatrical Trailer Released


Aadikeshava Movie Theatrical Trailer: The trailer of Vaishnav Tej starrer 'Adikeshava' is scheduled to hit the audience two days before. But due to various reasons, the release of the trailer has been postponed at the last minute, the film's production company Sitara Entertainments announced. 

All mega fans were a bit disappointed with this. But without much delay, the team brought the trailer of this movie to the audience. Vaishnav Tej, who has already started promotions for 'Adikeshava', has revealed the genre of this film many times. But if you watch the trailer, the audience will get more clarity about this movie.

Adikeshava Movie Sreeleela Cute Dialogues:

The director gave clarity to the audience about Vaishnav Tej's character earlier in the trailer of 'Adikesava' by saying, 'Even if there is no work or song, Maavadu is in style'. Apart from that, it is clear from the trailer that the hero is a fun-loving character who does not know about responsibilities. 

Sudhakar, who played Vaishnav Tej's friend, entertains the audience with comedy. It seems that Vaishnav Tej is going to be cute with the heroine Sreeleela, and the heroine's character is also cute and will attract the youth. It seems that the youth once again fell in love with Sreeleela's cute dialogues.

Aadikeshava Movie Mass Action Scenes:

The entire first half of the trailer of 'Adikeshava' went with the chemistry between the hero and the heroine. The comedy in between is also impressive. But the trailer took another twist with Joju George's introduction. Joju George, in the role of a merciless villain, scares the audience. 

Joju, who is busy with back-to-back movies in Malayalam, will make his grand debut in Telugu with 'Adikesava'. But he tried to show his acting ability to the audience in the trailer itself. Vaishnav Tej also seems to be over-excited in the action scenes. The dialogues where he says he is Rudrakaleshwar, and his intensity in the fight scenes are all like giving a feast to the action lovers.

Adikesava Movie Director:

'Adikesava' is the fourth film in Vaishnav Tej's career. Vaishnav hopes that 'Adikesava' will also be a hit in the same range as his debut film 'Uppena' won the National Award recently. Srikanth N Reddy, who appeared as a comedian in many Telugu films, directed an action film like 'Adikeshava'. 

Srikanth, who recently played a super senior in the film 'Mad' and became a hit as an actor, wants to prove to the audience that he is a director. Jeevi Prakash is coming back to Tollywood as a music director after a long time with 'Adikesava'. Not only for the love track but also for the action episodes, the audience who saw the trailer thought that the music provided by him was good.