Jigarthanda Double X


Jigarthanda Double X Movie Review: A movie comes out which means expectations about that movie are huge among the audience. If the same movie is a sequel movie, then there are huge expectations for that movie because the second part should be a bigger success than the success of the first part. 

According to that, the makers are also trying to choose a very good story and bring it to the audience. As part of that, Jigar Tanda Double X Movie is a sequel to Jigar Tanda Movie released in 2014... Let's find out how this movie is...

Jigarthanda Double X Movie Story:

In the year 1975, he thinks he should become a hero due to a fight with a bully (Lawrence) near a theater. But he is very dark and ugly to look at and everyone there laughs because he says that he will become such a rowdy hero. 

Those rowdy people who saw him laughing like that should be taught a lesson that he is strongly determined to become a hero and is looking for a director who will make a film with him. At exactly the same time, SJ Surya meets him. SJ Surya, who is passionate about cinema, thinks that he should get recognized as a big director by making a big hit movie. But at the same time, SJ Surya keeps forcing him to do a movie with this rowdy.

Initially, he did not agree to do a film with Rowdy, but later he agreed to do a film with Rowdy as it would be a new kind of experiment. Since then, this story has been running on the plot of what kind of story to choose to make a film with Surya Lawrence. However, due to the quarrels that the rowdy had with some politicians in the process, will the rowdy become a good person, will SJ Surya, who is making a film with him, finish and release the film or not? You have to watch this movie to know...

Jigarthanda Double X Movie Analysis:

If you know about Karthik Subbaraju, the director of this movie, all the movies he made in Tamil have also received big blockbuster hits. Now. It should be said that the movie Jigar Tanda created by him especially created a miracle. In this movie, Bobby Simha acted in the role and created a sensation. 

That movie was remade in Telugu as Valmiki starring Varun Tej. Although this movie entertained the audience as expected in Telugu, it not only became the biggest hit in Tamil, but actor Bobby Simha also got a National Award.

Although there is not much story in this movie, it must be said that the screenplay and the way the director directed this movie are very good. Also, the director has dealt with some minor details in this movie very well. Also, the way Lawrence has been designed in the role of a rowdy is also very amazing. In this movie, he leads the movie with the plot even if there is no story. 

Especially in some major elements i.e. in the scenes where Lawrence is facing the politician, he has written the elevations very well and has shown the depth in it very well. He has also written the emotion of the rowdy Taluk very deeply. SJ Surya has designed the character of SJ Surya in this film as a passionate director without diminishing the intensity of his character.

With this film, Karthik Subbaraju has put all his efforts to the best of his ability, which is not Jigar Tanda range.

Jigarthanda Double X Movie Actors Performance:

Lawrence has acted in the role of a rowdy and acted very amazingly. Within ten minutes of the start of this movie, Lawrence takes us into the role of the rowdy and we don't see Lawrence there, only that character is seen. Also, it should be said that SJ Surya also gave another best performances in his career with top-notch performance and this movie will remain. And Naveen Chandra also acted to the best of his ability in an excellent role. And Nimisha Sajayan also acted convincingly in her role...

Music director Santhosh Narayana also made the songs a little entertaining, but the BGM is also one of the plus points of the movie. Santosh Narayan Bejium helped very well in the process of the director elevating the elevation very well especially when Lawrence gave a warning to some people in some scenes. Thiru's cinematography is also very good. He created the time period of 1975 very well with his visuals and Shafiq Mohammad Ali's editing work is also good…

And the plus points of this movie are Lawrence, SJ Surya's acting.. Karthik Subbaraju's point written and the way it was delivered... Thiruvisuals...

The minus points come and the lack of depth in the story makes the audience feel depressed by watching the same characters for so long. Also, some scenes are lagging in the middle, it would have been better if it was a little more crispy... In terms of songs, Santhosh Narayan's music is also minus...

And our rating for this movie is 2.75/5