Jigarthanda DoubleX 2023 Movie Telugu Dubbed Trailer Out


Jigarthanda DoubleX Movie Trailer: For those who have seen the movie 'Gaddalakoda Ganesh', there is no need to say anything about the movie 'Jigar Thanda'. The movie 'Jigar Thanda', which was a super and duper hit in Tamil, was remade in Telugu with Varun Tej. 

But, it did not achieve the expected success. Only the songs went out to the people. A prequel was prepared after about ten years of this movie which was released in 2014. Same.. 'Jigarthanda Double X' Raghava Lawrence and SJ Surya are playing the lead roles.

Nimisha Sajayan is playing the heroine in this film directed by Karthik Subbaraj. Similar to 'Jigar Thanda', this is also a story revolving around a filmmaker and a gang star. However, this time it seems that the story starts with a gangster who wants to become a hero making a film with a director. In this, Raghava Lawrence is playing the role of a gangster and SJ Surya is playing the role of a director. In this, Lawrence is seen in a pukka mas getup. In other words, he lived in that role.

When it comes to the trailer.. "Let's imagine a black hero like him in the Pan India movies now". The trailer ran with a background voice saying, "Is black so cheap for you?" Another voice says, "A hero in movies should be white." "The first black hero in Telugu cinema. Lawrence was shown coming on a horse in a stylish manner.

After that, he introduced the role of SJ Surya saying, "You are the Pandya film director who creates great hysteria." I am Ray Dashan. Telugu film director. When I was working under Satyajit Ray as Assistant Director. One day he called me.. Are sala mujko lag raha mai ki tum ek dum tayar hogaya. Surya says to Lawrence, "You are ready, go and take a film". After that, the trailer continued with some thrilling action scenes. In this movie

It stars SJ Surya as a director and Raghava Lawrence as a gangster. In the newly released teaser, Lawrence was seen in a pukka mas avatar holding guns and drinking beedi, while SJ Surya was impressive in a stylish look wearing a suit. In the teaser, only English dialogues have been given so that the audience of all languages can connect. 

This sequel was made as a story that happened in 1975. With that, it is clear that the makers have made a lot of efforts to take it to that time. At the end of the teaser, Raghava Lawrence impressed with a funny dialogue. Lawrence's dialogue of Pan India as Pandya Western was impressive.

It features Telugu actor Naveen Chandra and Malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko as villains. Naveen Chandra is the police officer who chases Don Lawrence. In the dialogue "Can you make a movie about patriots?", Surya says, "If you make a movie on Manchola these days, no one will watch it." "He will always change. I think the film you make will change'' says Nimisha. 

In the next scene, Lawrence says, "Hey sir, let's change my autobiography a bit." No one can write anything new here. Just hold the pen firmly. Surya says that what is written will be written. This movie is being released in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam languages. Karthik Subbaraj is acting as the story, director, and producer of this movie. This movie is made on his own banner Stone Bench Films. This movie is going to release on November 10.