Mangalavaram Movie Review

Rating: 3/5

Starring: Payal Rajput, Nandita Shweta, Ravindra Vijay, Sri Tej, Chaitanya Krishna, Shravan Reddy, Divya Pillai, Ajay Ghosh, Laxman etc.

Dialogues: Tajuddin Syed & Raghav

Cinematography: Dasarathi Shivend

Producers: Swathi Reddy Gunupathi, M. Suresh Verma, Ajay Bhupathi

Story - Screenplay - Direction: Ajay Bhupathi

Release Date: November 17, 2023

Mangalavaram Movie Review Telugu: The movie 'Mangalavaram' created immense interest among the audience with its promotional films. After 'RX 100', Ajay Bhupathi will once again get that level of success after this film. Payal Rajput played a lead role in this movie. And how was the movie?

Mangalavaram Movie Story

In Mahalakshmipuram, on the favorite Mangalavaram of the village deity Malachamma, two hundred souls go to the next world. The whole village thinks that the names of men and women who have had illicit relations have committed suicide by writing them on the wall. SSI Meena (Nandita Shweta), who is new to the village, suspects that someone has committed the murder. 

The village landlord Prakasam Babu (Chaitanya Krishna) does not agree to do the postmortem for the first time after the double murders. He says OK about the second pair. Did they really commit suicide? Or did someone commit the murders? What is the story of Shailu... Shailaja (Payal), who was blamed for this series of deaths a few years ago? What are the roles of photographer Vasu (Shravan Reddy), doctor (Ravindra Vijay), and landlord's wife (Divya Pillai) in the village? Who is Shailu's childhood friend Ravi? What finally happened? You have to watch the movie to know.

Mangalavaram Movie Analysis

What is the genre of 'Mangalavaram'? Thriller, horror, message, revenge drama... you can't make a single singing movie! Can't be limited to one genre! Starting from a single point, the film touches various genres and reaches the flagship scenes. Ajay Bhupathi maintained only one thing throughout the movie. The suspense continues.

'Mangalavaram' is a mystical thriller. No matter how many actors appear on the screen... there are only two heroes behind the screen! The first hero is music director Ajanish Loknath! A new sound was heard from start to finish. Sometimes his RR dominated the scenes. The songs became hits before the release of the movie. Background music is more impressive than songs. The second hero, Ajay Bhupathi... has taken the story forward in a way that is beyond the imagination of the audience.

More than the story of 'Mangalavaram'... the topic discussed by Ajay Bhupathi through the character of Payal is something that no woman in society can really talk about. That episode reminds me of a Hollywood movie. However, the film is not all about that. 

But, taking that point and giving a native touch, Ajay Bhupathi made a different suspense thriller. The story doesn't move forward until just before the interval. But, it does engage. The fight between the villagers will be chaotic. It seemed unnecessary. Some may think that it is an illegal relationship. But... at the end, the director gave the answer.

After the interval, the speed of the story slows down. At once the suspense goes away and the glamor & emotion become more. But, seeing Payal's character, at least some feel pity. Get emotionally involved. How the audience sees those scenes depends on their mindset. If you look at it with lust, it's one thing... if you look at it in terms of character, it's different. Would it be better if Ajay Bhupathi thought of another choice in terms of an artist who gives a surprise to the audience!?

The trends in society are indirectly highlighted in the movie. The wrongdoers pointed out the mistakes of others as if they were shouting that a thief is a thief. Ajay Bhupathi has made a film without any vulgarity.

In terms of technical aspects, 'Mangalavaram' is at a higher level. Music is top-class. The cinematography is also good. The scenes on the screen show that no production expense was spared. Genre shifts like a roller coaster ride can disturb the audience.

Mangalavaram Movie Actors Performance

The film introduces Payal Rajput as an actress to the audience. She got a great opportunity to show her talent as an actress and not just a glamor girl. It was well utilized. Payal looked glamorous in a song. After that, as an actress, she acted in emotional scenes and bursting scenes. Payal screen space is less. But, they show the impact.

Nandita Shweta as the essayist is okay. The seriousness required for the character has been shown. Divya Pillai looked beautiful as the landlord's wife. Chaitanya Krishna, Sritej, Shravan Reddy, Ravindra Vijay, and others have done to the extent of their roles.

Among the artists after Payal, Ajay Ghosh and Laxman's combo scenes are more impressive. The dialogue between them is hilarious. And... without going into spoilers, it is better to watch the movie without knowing who is Payal's childhood sweetheart, the man behind the mask.

The last thing to say is...: Ajay Bhupathi has been surprising the audience since the beginning of 'Mangalavaram'. Engaged with twists and moved the story and characters forward. He should be congratulated for taking a point that no one is discussing and making this film. Ajaneesh's music mesmerizes once again. Good movie! Audiences who are looking forward to a different & new-age movie will love it.