My Name is Shruthi


My Name is Shruthi Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Starring: Hansika Motwani, Murali Sharma, 'Aadukalam' Naren, Jayaprakash, Vinodini, Sai Teja, Pooja Ramachandran etc.

Cinematography: Kishore Boidapu

Music: Mark K Robin

Producer: Burugu Ramya Prabhakar

Directed by: Srinivas Omkar

Release Date: November 17, 2023

My Name Is Shruthi Telugu Movie Review: Hansika's career as a heroine started in Telugu. He also did films with young heroes. After getting a series of opportunities in Tamil, getting a name as Junior Khushboo, where she built a temple, she gradually moved away from Telugu films by doing Kollywood films. After a short hiatus, Hansika starred in the Telugu movie 'My Name is Shruti'. It was her first female lead film in Telugu.


My Name Is Shruthi Movie Story

Becoming a minister is a 20-year-old dream of MLA Gurumurthy (Adukalam Naren). His business is skin trading (removing human skin and doing cosmetic surgery for someone else) secretly in Hyderabad city. It is his practice to brutally kill those who get in his way. But someone blackmails such a guru. What does he have to do with Anu's (Pooja Ramachandran) dead body found in Shruti's (Hansika) flat?

How did ACP Ranjith (Murali Sharma) solve this case? Actually, who killed Anu? What is the relationship between her, drug dealers, and skin traders? What is the truth that Shruti is hiding from the police? Who is her boyfriend Charan (Sai Teja)? What happened to him? is a movie.

My Name Is Shruthi Analysis

There is a saying that if you keep a cat in a room and beat it, it will become a tiger. It suits this movie perfectly. Briefly, the story of the movie is about how a girl gets out of a problem with strength and intelligence. But... the director took a lot of time to go into that story.

The beginning of 'May name is Shruti' is normal. The crime committed, the anarchies committed by the MLA after that, the police investigation is a routine & normal affair. The real fun of the story begins after the interval, especially when it comes to the climactic scenes. One twist after another... an engaging film. The ending gives a satisfying feeling. In the investigation scenes, the film would have given more thrill if the medical mafia had been shown in more depth.

Although the beginning of 'My Name is Shruti' is simple... the topic of skin trading discussed in the film is new to the Telugu screen. 'Yashoda' came in the background of human organ trading and the mafia. The main topic is the youth of women's bodies. That's about it! But, the story & screenplay are new. Apart from Hansika, there is no other star in the film. Although there are artists like Murali Sharma and Jaya Prakash, their roles are limited.

Director Srinivas Omkar has selected a good point. The screenplay is also well-written. But... it would have been better if the starting scenes were done without the routine. The second half is more engaging than the first half. Created by Curiosity. Some good dialogues like 'Fear is not in killing... is in dying and living'. But, there are no such dialogues throughout the movie. The songs are not memorable. So is the background music! Production values are okay.

My Name is Shruthi Movie Actors Performance

'You're cool when you're angry' - A character's dialogue with Hansika in a serious scene. That's right! She acted coolly throughout the movie. Did not go over the board. Justice was done up to the character. Dressing is good. The boy who played the role of Hansika's boyfriend is okay.

Pooja Ramachandran is a perfect fit for the role of a drug dealer with shades of grey. Such characters are not new to 'Aadukaal' Naren and Murali Sharma. But, it was well done. All the actors have done to the extent of their respective roles.

Finally...: 'May Name Is Shruti' is one of the decent thriller movies about the medical mafia. The concept is good. But, the starting scenes are not that impressive. Curiosity starts in the movie after the interval. Flagship scenes are pleasing. One can go in for Hansika & Twists without any expectations.