The Railway Man


The Railway Man Web Series Review

Cast: Babil Khan, KK Menon, R Madhavan, Divyendu, Sunny Hinduja

Director: Shiv Rawail

OTT: Netflix

The Railway Man... Some 39 years ago, poisonous gas leaked in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. If some people had not taken care of things in time, then perhaps the whole of Bhopal would have been physically handicapped. Netflix's 'The Railway Man' is the story of these few people, because of whom you and I are sitting safely in our homes today. 

Now you might be thinking that you have heard the story of this tragedy many times in newspapers and on the internet, so why should we watch this web series? Read the will understand why it is important for you to watch this series.

The Railway Man Web Series Review:

The story begins with the Union Carbide factory built right on the edge of the settlement in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. The entire story is shown from the perspective of journalist Keswani (Sunny Hinduja). A worker who worked in a factory two years ago died due to a gas leak. 

Journalist Keswani (Sunny Hinduja) is investigating the same and when the administration comes to know about this, he becomes their target. Bhopal's station master (KK Menon) wants his son to get a job in the Railways, but he wants to work in a Union Carbide factory. A widowed mother is very happy because her son (Babil Khan) gets a job in the Railways. 

A robber (Divyendu) reaches Bhopal with the aim of looting crores of rupees from the safe of Bhopal station. Then the gas leaks and no one in the entire Bhopal understands anything. People are dying one after another on the streets. Difficulty in breathing starts and then…what happens next? To know this, you will have to watch the web series.

The Railway Man Web Series Analysis:

The most beautiful thing about 'The Railway Man' is its story. Yes, we already know about the Bhopal gas tragedy. But all we know is that a poisonous gas leaked in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh due to which many people lost their lives. 

However, we do not know why only a thousand people died due to this incident? Why did it not affect the whole of Bhopal? How were the lives of the remaining people saved? Who came forward to help? But all these questions have been answered in this web series and this is the most beautiful thing about this web series.

The Railway Man Web Series Actors Performance:

If the story is strong and the actors are not good, then the fun of the web series gets lost. But, the story of 'The Railway Man' is also strong and so are its actors. It stars Babil Khan, KK Menon, R Madhavan, Divyendu, and Sunny Hinduja. Like every time, KK Menon and R Madhavan won hearts this time too. Both of them added life to this web series through their acting. 

However, the biggest surprise was seeing Babil. We often hear from people that there is a spark inside Babylon. This time this spark was also seen. If only! If Irrfan Khan could have seen this performance of his son, which the whole world has seen today. What can we talk about Sunny Hinduja? After Sandeep Bhaiya, he has given people another character to remember.

The magic that web series director Shiv Rawail has created with the cast and story is amazing. Perfect timing, funny story, strong actors, great background music, and amazing dialogues. After watching this web series, you will cry and get goosebumps. The suspense will remain such that you will not be able to get up from your place. The amazing thing is that this web series has only four episodes. Its story has neither been made too long nor kept too short. Everything is absolutely perfect.

To watch or not to watch?

If any tragedy like the Bhopal gas tragedy happens in the future… God forbid it happens… then how should it be avoided? How should people be kept safe until relief arrives? To know all this it is important for you to watch this web series. Even if you want to watch good content, you can binge-watch this web series on weekends. But if your heart is weak then perhaps you can skip this web series.